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The Team has paused all individual sessions indefinitely. A waiting list is available, but The Team has not yet indicated when they will resume one-on-one sessions.

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Creating a healthy world together.

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Wait List

If you wish to be added to the wait list for sessions with The Team, click here. The list is not first come first served but at the Team’s sole discretion. Remember, they are always with you and they understand your situation.


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What the Team says about The Channel:

“[The Channel] is a facilitator of multi-dimensional, embodied Knowing. This is expressed in the form of love, love for life, a celebration of human magnificence… [The Channel] is a transformer of human consciousness.”

The Channel has worked with a wide range of individuals and groups, ranging from those with chronic, terminal or undiagnosed yet repeated diseases, to those who simply seek more clarity along their life path. It is a deep joy for the Channel to see the profound and lasting effect that The Team has on people’s lives, especially in people’s ability to find meaningful and permanent fulfillment and joy.

What people say

“My sessions with The Team have been some of the most profound, eye opening experiences I've ever had. Some way, some how, the guides "know" all about you, and provide the most accurate, nonjudgmental, compassionate advice, to help you reach your full potential. Every friend I have referred to see the Team has been blown away! If you have ever wanted to ask God a series of questions and were able to actually hear the answers, this is the next best thing!”
"The Team has an astounding command of proper species names, Latin and a working knowledge of disease and healing modalities. I was most impressed with their ability to diagnose patients through DNA resonance, and their willingness to discuss how/what they do."
Doctor of Chiropractic
"I have done a lot of inner work over the years, but nothing was able to touch me as deeply as your work. I feel a big weight lifted off my shoulders; instances from my past are now clearer. That was very profound."